High Power Digital Displays is proud of its high-quality products and of its sales history and experience. High Power Digital Displays, is pleased to stand behind it’s product for a period of five (5) years. The High Power Digital Displays warranty issued to the Original Purchaser, will guarantee that its LED displays are free from defect in material and/or workmanship.



Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth herein, High Power Digital Displays will either repair and/or replace any part of its LED displays that proves to be defective from workmanship or materials for a period up to five (5) years, beginning on the date of shipment from High Power Digital Display’s manufacturing facility.   We also offer a 1 year warranty for EPC and 5 year warranty on High Power Digital Displays LED manufactured communication hardware purchased with your sign.

If any part is deemed by High Power Digital Displays to be un-repairable, replacement parts will be provided by High Power Digital Displays and will be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new.

The warranty’s validity is contingent upon the completion of all obligations and commitments per the agreed upon terms of sale for each display by The Customer.

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