Many of the schools  choosing to invest in High Power Digital Display Electronic Message Centers have discovered its value as a convenient and easy to use communication tool. Messages can be easily & creatively designed to increase attendance, promote events, encourage involvement and keep the community informed of what you have going on. Schools are dependent mostly on local support, so messages are most effective to be viewed by local traffic.

Often times choosing a single color display has been the appropriate choice for budget reasons. They can display shaded graphics as well as messages. Add movement through transitions between messages to get attention. Full color displays are not that much more expensive today than single color displays, so with just a little more of an investment advertising in trillions of colors is possible. Beautiful eye catching graphics will be seen.


  • Important Upcoming Events
  • Times and Dates
  • Recognize Significant Items
  • Request Community Support
  • Provide Community Awareness
  • Encourage Other Local Events


If you can afford $15.00 per day then you can afford a High Power Digital Display.

Join the success by contacting us today to see how affordable and simple owning a High Power Digital Displays can be.