Leasing & Financing

A few basic bullet points to keep in mind:
Minimum two (2) years’ time in business

Minimum credit score of 640

Minimum equipment cost of $5,000


      • By turning drive-by traffic into customers
      • By communicating more effectively to your target audience
      • By informing potential customers about your specials
      • By letting the public
      • By advertising about your products and services…

You will profit. It is as simple as that…

With this return on your investment… you can pay for your LED Display, sometimes within just a couple of years. Once the investment is paid for, you will continue to profit for the life of the LED Display, which is at least 10 years. Many of our customers report theirs High Power Digital Displays LED Displays still working after 15 – 17 years of continued service.

To enable you to purchase the LED Display initially, we have several leasing and financing companies to recommend. These companies are listed below. When you contact the representative listed directly and let them know High Power Digital Displays sent you to work out your lease or financing options, you will enjoy the benefit of working with the representative we recommend, who is informed regarding our particular product.


If you can afford $15.00 per day then you can afford a High Power Digital Display.

Join the success by contacting us today to see how affordable and simple owning a High Power Digital Displays can be.