Q: Who is High Power Digital Displays?
A: High Power Digital Displays is a LED Sign Company with a strong background in IT Solutions dedicated to simplifying technology used by local businesses. We are LED Sign experts working hard every day to offer economical solutions to your local advertizing needs.

Q: Why does High Power Digital Displays exist?
A: High Power Digital Displays stays on top of the latest technology, software, and hardware advancements so you don’t have to. There is a growing need for skilled service by trained and certified technology experts. We provide these experts to ensure you are never without help if you need it.

Q: Can High Power Digital Displays help me with all brands of LED Signs?
A: Yes, but we prefer to work on signs that we sell

Q: What distinguishes one LED Sign repair service from another?
A: The most obvious is price and service, but just as important, is the way you are treated. With 28 years in business At High Power Digital Displays, we will talk to you about your LED Sign problems and computing needs and do so in a friendly and easy to understand manner.

Q: How does High Power Digital Displays stand behind its work?
A: High Power Digital Displays guarantees all work performed by our techs.

Q: What guarantee do I have my LED Sign won’t need to be repaired in the future?
A: There is no guarantee. The nature of LED Signs with the number of small electronic parts and the ever increasing computing environment especially vulnerable to certain failures. At High Power Digital Displays, we will not only repair your LED Sign, but we will help you with easy-to-implement strategies to help lessen the vulnerability of your LED Sign, safeguard your data and keep your LED Sign up and running.
Q: But what if I need help late at night or on a weekend?
A: This service is available for contracted clients. Ask about our contracts and maintenance agreements

Q: What methods of payment may I use?
A: High Power Digital Displays accepts most major credit cards, cash, and money orders.