Let us be your LED display partner!

Become a High Power Digital Display Authorized Dealer now and you’ll benefit greatly from our newly revised Dealer Program. High Power Digital Display has its finger on the pulse of ever-evolving technology, High Power Digital Display continues to meet the needs of our customers with the largest in product solutions – the most advanced, cutting edge in product design, increased product offerings, on-time delivery, and proprietary software. Align yourself with a business that’s heavily invested in both the present and the future.

Why Choose a Product from High Power Digital Display?

  • Proven quality and design
  • Displays can produce trillions of colors
  • Louvers are manufactured using non-reflective, matte polycarbonate  plastics
  • Louvers designed to trap light, resulting in deep blacks and outstanding contrast
  • Displays have brightness up to 10,000 nits.
  • Display operators have complete control over brightness settings for optimal readability
  • Eenergy-efficiency under virtually any ambient light condition.
  • Settings can conserve up to 40% of energy use.
  • 5-year limited warranty on every High Power Digital Display
  • Each module is fully encapsulated in protective silicone gel to
  • keep moisture away even in extreme weather conditions
  • Vandal resistant cabinets constructed with seamless extruded aluminum for unbeatable durability
  • Cabinets are braced and fully welded at each computer-mitered corner for a perfect-fit, water tight seal
  • High Power Digital Display units do not require air conditioning when installed with proper ventilation…
  • Reducing upfront cost and weight, while lowering overall energy and service expenses